Grandparent Birthday Celebration

Grandpa’s and grandma’s 80th birthday celebration was held on 28 Oct at Hee Lai Ton, Kajang Prima. We’re glad that the grandaunts and granduncles from Penang were here together with us to celebrate this great day. It will be an unforgettable moment for granny. She has been smiling since the relatives came, having a precious time with them.


Uncle Thomas has edited a funny slide show about our family. There’re many reminiscence photos of the younger aged grandpa and grandma as well as the elderly relatives.The animation effects were great and made everyone laughing.

DSC01763 DSC01726

Everyone was having the dinner and the dishes were tasty. Aunty Elaine has prepared lucky draw for all to participate. Many prizes were given off.

DSC01752 DSC01731

We enjoyed the great time with all the cousins.

DSC01761 DSC01766 DSC01750

It’s karaoke session. Our singer Uncle Thomas was performing a few songs, how great that he can sing both classical and hit songs. Others also using this opportunity to show their singing talents.

Photography Session!!

DSC01736 DSC01732

DSC01734 DSC01741

DSC01780 DSC01782

DSC01783 DSC01799

DSC01788 DSC01791

DSC00791 (2) DSC01792

DSC01793 DSC01794

DSC01796 DSC01797

Grandparents were distributing ang pau to the younger generations. It’s part of our custom and this has been practice for a long time. All of us enjoyed our day!!


Chen Hiang Hwa’s 80th Birthday Celebration

image We celebrated Chen Hiang Hwa’s 80th birthday on August 28, 2010 with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kajang.

It is a small scale celebration and only close relatives were invited. We had an eight course Chinese dinner on that night. To cheer up the atmosphere, we had a small lucky draw, a video slide show and karaoke session. The dinner lasted from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

Below are some pictures taken during the night and the video slide to share with all.

40777_1601486962200_1386849233_2652092_2293002_n 40777_1601487002201_1386849233_2652093_6913994_n 40777_1601487042202_1386849233_2652094_1741312_n 40777_1601487082203_1386849233_2652095_6317496_n 41273_1601472321834_1386849233_2652065_6730092_n 41273_1601472361835_1386849233_2652066_4457861_n 41273_1601472401836_1386849233_2652067_819372_n 41273_1601472481838_1386849233_2652069_3183054_n 44666_1601494042377_1386849233_2652121_8067483_n 44666_1601494082378_1386849233_2652122_6673806_n 44666_1601494122379_1386849233_2652123_6843207_n 44666_1601494202381_1386849233_2652125_3801491_n 46517_1601496562440_1386849233_2652145_2248701_n 46944_1601501282558_1386849233_2652171_4455545_n 47186_1601481122054_1386849233_2652082_4718339_n 47186_1601481162055_1386849233_2652083_6533195_n 47214_1601478241982_1386849233_2652075_1699721_n 47214_1601478281983_1386849233_2652076_2081118_n 47214_1601478321984_1386849233_2652077_6143601_n 47214_1601478361985_1386849233_2652078_899361_n 47747_149921078368583_100000520754183_345154_1058193_n

Below is video slide show done by Thomas for the occasion.  The video gives picture slides of young Chen Hiang Hwa and Oh Lee Nyong to 2008 in a comical theme. The video hopes to brings back good memories and enhance family ties and unity. 

Hope all will enjoy the video.

Greetings From Hui Ling and Family


Hi All,

Its been quite awhile since the last re-union in Penang. Hope everyone is in good health and happy always.

I am still working with the Japanese company – Fujitsu in Batu Pahat, which is about 100km from Johor Bahru (JB) and I travel back to JB every weekend. Mum is staying in JB with granny and she is currently planning for her retirement, hopefully she is able to get it soon without too much hassle from her employer.

We travel back to Kajang every 2~3 month (if possible) to visit our grandparents. We always have lots of fun in Kajang with all the cousins. Our last visit was during Chinese New Year, we had a small gathering at our grandparents’ house, most of the uncles and aunties were able to attend the gathering. We took a lot of photos during the gathering but I only managed to get one through facebook. Mum and I plan to travel back to Kajang again at the 1st May and we look forward to another exciting trip again.

I am planning to have a short trip to Cambodia in the middle of this year with my colleagues. I believe it will be a very exciting trip. We plan to visit Angkor Wat and the temples in Siem Reap.

Lastly, we wish you all always in good health.


Hui Ling and Rogers

My Life as a Dancer



I am Fun Yen, youngest son of Kin Ling

I am currently studying in INTI University College in Subang Jaya.   Besides studying,  am very much involved in ballet too.

Recently, we are busy rehearsing for the Dance theater “Romeo and Juliet” which will be presented to public on 1st of May and 2nd of May 2010 in KLPac.

So far, I have performed in dance theater eg. Slave Princess  and The Nutcracker.

Here I would like to share some of my photographs from my previous performances.

Slave Princess


image image

The Nutcracker – Behind the stage

image image


The Nutcracker – On the stage

image DSC00229DSC00235

DSC00237 P1200204

image image

image P1200206

P1200266 P1200277









Thanks to my family who has been supportive  all these while.

Romeo & Juliet – Practice

image image


image image



R&J New Photos!!!

image image

image image

image image

image image









Fun Yen








NAG3827B 293


NAG3827B 009NAG3827B 022


NAG3827B 072




NAG3827B 074

NAG3827B 060

NAG3827B 038


NAG3827B 164 NAG3827B 209

NAG3827B 187 NAG3827B 200



NAG3827B 215 NAG3827B 231

NAG3827B 095

少杰中五已经毕业了,目前在伸请奖学金和等大学先修班开课。 希望都能被录取和一切顺利!




NAG3827B 002

Greetings from King Lin


Dear Family,

Hope everyone is in good health.

I still learning how to write for the e-Source.  And thanks to my children,  I have managed to do it.

My family are fine and they are busy with their own work and busy schedule.   With  the arrival of my grand-daughter, Eu Shin (“You Han” 悠涵 in Chinese), she has brought lots of  joy to us.

Almost everyday the topic was about my little Eu Shin.

Pee Yong is having her hands full taking care of Eu Shin despite her heavy schedule with the restaurant.    Fan Yee  is back to work after a break of two months plus and she was  back on track for her duty.

My two sons, Fun Foong and Fun Yen were busy with their studies and  activities as usual.

Fun Foong came home every week from Kampar to his part time job  as a tuition teacher.   His girlfriend Jing Yi, also busy working as a temporarily as a kindergarten teacher.

However, Fun Yen is not working as he is busy  practicing for his ballet performances, Romeo and Juliet (this coming 1st & 2nd May 2010) and Cinderella (in Sep/Oct 2010).

My son-in-law, Chin Sai is very much commited to his  line of  duty in Johore.   He is currently on duty as “Ajutan” which is the personal assistant to Chief Officer in the Army Camp.    We haven’t seen him for quite a while.   Hopefully he is able to take leave to come home to see his family.

We went to Langkawi during Chinese New Year where we stop by my in-laws’ house in Perlis.    Here we share some of the photos.

P1000671 P1000675

P1000674 P1000676

P1000678 P1000685


P1000690 P1000691

P1000694 P1000695

P1000701 P1010838



P1000721 P1010858P1000723 P1000724 P1000726

P1000727 P1000728

P1000732 P1000735 P1000736

P1000744 P1000756

P1000760 P1000761 P1000762

P1000773 P1000775

P1000776 P1000777



My carefree boys enjoying the trip 

P1000782 P1000784

P1000785 P1000800

P1000809 P1000810

P1000813 P1000814

P1000815P1000816 P1000817 P1000818

P1000820 P1000821

P1000822 P1000824


Eu Shin is too young to follow us for this trip and also due to the unpredictable weather.   Chin Sai & family decided to stay  in Perlis while we were on this trip.

Recently, we brought Eu Shin to I-City in Klang.    This round,  she   enjoyed looking around the place.

DSC00935 DSC00943

DSC00937 DSC00941

DSC00939 DSC00942


I wish I could have spend more time taking photos of my grand-daughter whenever I’m home.

DSC00912 DSC00915

Well beside the family, we still haven’t forget there’s another “baby” which needed our  attention too.




Lastly, we hope you have enjoyed our photos.

Much Love,

King Lin and Pee Yong



Parents are the people that brought us into this world. They will sacrifice their time & money for us. We must always appreciate them. Some people have no parents or their parents are too busy at work and have no time to think about them.

Money is the number one problem faced by parents today. With the constant need to pay for their children’s school fees, tuition fees, and provides food to the family; many parents are not able to spent time with their children.


We are lucky to have parents that are still spending time together with us.

Parents that divorce might not be meant for each other. But fate has brought our parents together and we must cherish every moment spent with them.

Our mothers have undergone excruciating pain during our birth and let’s not forget our fathers who were worried sick of the safety of their wives and their new born child. They sacrifice their hard earned money to pay the hospital bills besides other daily needs like diapers, milk, bottles, clothes, baby food etc.  They also celebrate our  full moon.   My parents had five tables during my full moon party.

I know my parents are proud of us. They make sure that we have a balance lifestyle. Last year, we took a vacation to Ho Chi Minh City by AirAsia. Mom always believes that we should travel to widen our knowledge and to see the world.

Indeed, we are very lucky that Mom always source for good bargains to bring us along. I will appreciate them for the rest of their lives for what they have done for us. We must cherish them now and not regret about it when they are gone.


By: Max Choo Tze Chern