New Source 2010 V1 28th April 2010


From the editor’s desk 28Apr2010 Vol 1 Issue 1

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by Elaine Chen

Dear family

We are honored to be nominated first to start the New Source rolling. Seriously, honored and pressured to be exact. Thank God we have Thomas who has given the much needed back-up and confidence to start this techno savvy website. I know my other half is in IT but he is not into the blogging craze and neither did he have the time to figure out for me.

I want to thank my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces for their contributions as I know they have make some adjustments to their busy schedules to cook up some news for this virgin issue.

My apology for the delay as April is a very busy month for us besides the rush for submission of our Income Tax, the children’s extra-curriculum and exams; Khye was hospitalized for dengue fever last week. Yep, the pressure is definitely up to keep up with work, bills, trip planning and everything. Looking forward to a relaxing day when my boss is away for a week in Vietnam with his buddies.


Guilin trip

Both Hui Ling & Eoi Lin joined my Company’s Sport Club trip to Guilin in early March this year. We have been constantly checking the weather forecast before the trip and were pleased that we were well prepared as far as clothing is concerned. How wrong can we be? Initially we wore a light jacket when we first arrived and ended with 4 pcs instead when the temperature dropped to 4 celcious. The unpredictable weather in Guilin has been fluctuating since the end of Feb. We were told it was 28 Celsious just a week before we arrived. Funny thing is, the sun was shinning on the day we left for home. Maybe, happy to see us gone ? Read more from Eoi Lin’s review.


Our Roots

Thank you, Uncle Beng for giving us an insight of the early days of our grandparents. This is more interesting than reading the history book. I am sure we all love to read more of your recollections. It would benefit our children to learn more about the lives of their ancestors and the valuable values that were passed down.

Aging by Lee Kuan Yew

An excellent article on how he views the process of aging. We can’t turn back the biological clock nor stop the time; however I believe we could age gracefully by eating right, exercise and not forgetting mental stimulation. Thanks for sharing this article with us, Uncle Keong and also Jaye for your entertaining contribution.

The passing of Loh Mei (Hui Ling’s sister-in-law)

Just 3 weeks after coming back from Guilin, we received the news of the passing of Loh Mei Cheh, Hui Ling’s eldest sister-in-law who was staying with her in Johor. She was diagnosed with uterus cancer a year ago and passed away in the hospital on the 3 Apr 2010. Hui Ling will miss her companion dearly. It is our hope that Roger will spend more time with Hui Ling & his granny from now on.

My Favourite month – MAY

May is just two days away. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the great Mothers in this family A Very Happy Mothers Day! May all the Mothers be blessed with good Health, less Worries and Peace always.



image我六岁的时候居住在峇六拜老家。这时我已经开始上小学一年级了,妈妈没带我上学,我就跟着堂哥堂姐和姑姑一起走路上学。一年级的时候我考到第五名,可是没奖拿,在操行方面我得到甲,所以我就得到礼物,包括铅笔,笔记本和乒乓拍,真的很开心。后来成绩就越来越差,不过还算过得去,没有留班,而我是班上年纪最小的学生,平时最害怕就是遇到督学官。第二年姑姑毕业了,有个表姑也在我们这里读书,还好有她照顾我。READ MORE


How Time Flies

By Fun Simimage

We’ve come to the end of the first quarter of 2010! The key event over this part of the world in the first quarter was probably the opening of the much awaited “integrated resort” in
Sentosa Island, Singapore. At exactly 11.18pm on February 14, 2010 (Valentine’s Day as well as the first day of Chinese New Year), Singapore joined the ranks of other cities such as Macau and Las
Vegas when Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) officially opened the nation’s first casino.


The Reality Lifestyle in California


Behind: It is the famous bridge called San Francisco Golden Gate BridgeNovember 6th 2009 was my first time moving to the States. I was given the golden opportunity to work with a large company called Intuit. At the beginning, we did not know much about the United States except we had the perception that Americans are rich since they could afford to stay in big houses, drive brand new cars, be fashionable, etc. 


Greetings from Hui Ling and Family

clip_image002Hi All,Its been quite awhile since the last re-union in Penang. Hope everyone is in good health and happy always.I am still working with the Japanese company – Fujitsu in Batu Pahat, which is about 100km from Johor Bahru (JB) and I travel back to JB every weekend. Mum is staying in JB with granny and she is currently planning for her retirement, hopefully she is able to get it soon without too much hassle from her employer.

We travel back to Kajang every 2~3 month (if possible) to visit our grandparents. We always have lots of fun in Kajang with all the cousins. Our last visit was during Chinese New Year, we had a small gathering at our grandparents’ house, most of the uncles and aunties were able to attend the gathering. We took a lot of photos during the gathering but I only managed to get one through facebook. Mum and I plan to travel back to Kajang again at the 1st May and we look forward to another exciting trip again.

I am planning to have a short trip to Cambodia in the middle of this year with my colleagues. I believe it will be a very exciting trip. We plan to visit Angkor Wat and the temples in Siem Reap.

Lastly, we wish you all always in good health.


Hui Ling and Rogers

胡志明市之旅。A Trip of Hu Zhi Ming Shi

By Fen Yuin and YeongCIMG0782各位舅公舅婆,姨公姨婆,公公婆婆以及各位亲爱的家人:

3月14日至18日,我们一家参加了爸爸的公司所举办的5天4 夜的胡志 明市之旅。那里的天气很炎热!!!可是大家还是玩的很开心。



Greetings from Kin Kang and Family

DSC01413I’m the second child of the family, Fen Tein. I’d graduate from high school last year and I got my SPM result, 10As (7A+,1A,2A-) and a B+ for English for Science and Technology(EST) subject. My next step would be doing Form 6 as Pre-U course, and I do have a great interest in science especially bio-related fields.READ MORE

After School

20464_103313403029351_100000520754183_87958_533563_nTein :I’d graduate from high school this year and I got my SPM result, 10As (7A+,1A,2A-) and a B+ for my English for Science and Technology(EST) subject. I’m a little disappointed but I’m still glad with it. My next step would be doing Form 6 as Pre-U course, and I do have a great interest in science. I’m still searching my future, and it’s hard to decide.

I’ve been working at Hong Leong Assurance Berhad as a temporary clerk for more than 2 months and I got the chance to experience office life, it’s totally different from what I thought it would be. My colleagues are nice and some, amusing. I’m helping my parents at the food stall presently, and the most challenging task my mom gives me is FRY NOODLES!!! I can eat, I can serve, but not COOK..

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An Essay by Keith Wong Shao Jye

I like to share the below essay with all. I wrote this essay for my school examination and was selected as one of the best. The essay was published in 2009 School Magazine.

Hope you enjoy it.


Dark clouds were rolling in as I gazed at the long, black box. The heavy air pressure matched the solemn atmosphere perfectly. All around me, I could hear the silent chatter of people as quiet as mice trying to control their curious voices. However, I couldn’t be bothered by their petty discussions. Soon, the day broke into a gentle drizzle that rained down across the clearing.



clip_image002By Max Choo Tze ChernParents are the people that brought us into this world. They will sacrifice their time & money for us. We must always appreciate them. Some people have no parents or their parents are too busy at work and have no time to think about them.

Money is the number one problem faced by parents today. With the constant need to pay for their children’s school fees, tuition fees, and provides food to the family; many parents are not able to spent time with their children.

We are lucky to have parents that are still spending time together with us.

Parents that divorce might not be meant for each other. But fate has brought our parents together and we must cherish every moment spent with them.


Change of Life

By Fan Yee

DSC00776Times flies…Eu Shin is about 5 months old and has begun to flip over herself…

She is a very talkative baby.

Every morning she woke-up with a smile and sometimes I though I heard “gai gai”

(she wants to go for a walk)

She is even more talkative now, I can’t let her see my mobile phone.

If  she sees it, she will stared at it, sometimes even say “di di” (means she want to phone her daddy).   If not she will be keep looking at the phone until I make a call.


Greetings From King Lin


Dear Family,

Hope everyone is in good health.

I still learning how to write for the e-Source.  And thanks to my children,  I have managed to do it.

My family are fine and they are busy with their own work and busy schedule.   With  the arrival of my grand-daughter, Eu Shin (“You Han” 悠涵 in Chinese), she has brought lots of  joy to us.

Almost everyday the topic was about my little Eu Shin.

Pee Yong is having her hands full taking care of Eu Shin despite her heavy schedule with the restaurant.    Fan Yee  is back to work after a break of two months plus and she was  back on track for her duty.

My two sons, Fun Foong and Fun Yen were busy with their studies and  activities as usual.


My Life As A Dancer

P1200207Hi,I am Fun Yen. King Lin’s youngest son.

I currently studying in INTI University College in Subang Jaya. Besides studying, I am also a part time dancer.

Recently, I was busy practicing my rehearsal for the Dance theater “Romeo and Juliet” which will be presented to public on 1st of May and 2nd of May 2010 in KLPac.

I have performed dances in Slave Princess, The Nutcracker before.

Here I would like to share some of my photographs from my previous performances.




How To Setup A Free Blog For Yourself

By Thomas WongWhat is a Blog?

“Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is a frequently updated, personal website featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.

Many blogs focus on a particular topic, such as web design, home staging, sports, or mobile technology. Some are more eclectic, presenting links to all types of other sites. And others are more like personal journals, presenting the author’s daily life and thoughts.



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