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SPEECH by Oh Lee Nyong

drawing mum

Hi Everyone,

Good day to all of you.

Since this is my first Family Source for Year 2010, I will try my best to make this Family Source Magazine interesting and informative to all.  Should there be any mistakes or unintended offensive languages in the Source magazine, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will correct or remove them immediately.

Happy Chinese New Year to All

2010 is the Year of the Tiger. I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone ‘Happy Chinese New Year‘.

Below is a Chinese New Year Greeting Video from all in my family.


I hope everyone will be as healthy and as strong as the Tiger.


We wish to extend our best wishes and congratulations to Mr. Ng Chin Sai and Miss Chen Fan Yee on their wedding.

F Yeefyee

And in late 2009, both of them got a baby girl, Ng Eu Shin.

See pictures and video of Eu Shin in Perlis with her grand parents.

Click here



We welcome Ng Chin Sai and his daughter Ng Eu Shin to be part of our family tree.

Chin SaiEun Shin

Ng Chin Sai                     Ng Eu Shin

Click below to see the updated family tree.

Click to view Family Tree


(To write about:

(a) writing in about what happens to us regularly means that we are in closer contact all the time.
(b) children’s progress, your travel and health tips are popular topics
(c) emergency assistance)

During the Year 2009 till now, we have organized various family trips around Malaysia.  Here are some pictures and videos to share with all of you.  Please click the below links to see.

Grandma 100th Birthday Celebration

My grandma celebrated her 100th birthday in one of the popular Chinese restaurant in Sri Kembangan. Read More..

June 2009 Trip to Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam is also known as the Crab Island of Malaysia. Read More…

September 2009 Trip to Kuantan

Kuantan is famous for its beautiful beaches. Read More…

December 2009 Trip to Malacca

Malacca is the most famous historical town in Malaysia. Read More…

February 2010 Trip to Genting Highland

Genting Highland is the most popular hill resort in Malaysia. Read More…


A column for individual family news.

Brief History of Oh/Foo/Hu Family

By Uncle Beng


The first ancestor originated from Gansiu in the Hwang Ho Basin. He was believed to be a blacksmith. Owing to the civil wars, the north-eastern people moved southwards and ended as “Hakka” or guests. From southern China some even settled overseas like Korea and Taiwan. Our own ancestors settled in Yongdin in Fujian province whilst others stayed in Guanzhou whose dialects were Cantonese Hakka and Teochiu Hakka. These migrants brought their architecture of the famous round house (please see Keong’s painting of the Round House) whereby the walls were built using the same technique as the Great Wall of China to withstand attacks from local forces.

Read More….

Fan Yee Says


It has been quite some time that I didn’t write anything for the Source.

Well as usual, my family have been very busy with each others’ task.

Dad still busy with his job as project manager, mom still busy with her business but also with an additional baby-sitting on Eu Shin.

Me working as usual but also will take over baby-sitting Eu Shin after work. Chin Sai also very busy back in Kem Majidee. Fun Foong was travel back-and-ford from Kampar every week for study and teaching tuition. Fun Yen also busy with his study in Subang Jaya. He currently also training to perform in coming 1st May to 2nd May 2010 in dance theatre “Romeo and Juliet”. Beside this performance, he also involved himself in “Cinderella” at the end of this year.


Eoi Lin says


2009 is a quiet and peaceful year to my family.  Praise to God that everything were okay.

As usual, I continued my career with Hong Leong Assurance. Although in the office there were politics and some hiccups, praise to God that nothing bad happened.  I enjoy my working life with Hong Leong Assurance.

There were many rumors of other companies taking over Hong Leong Assurance and up to today, there is still nothing official taken place.

Read More………….


Times really fly. When I look back today, I realize that many of the previously little cute babies and kids have now all grown up.


Secondary Form 6/Colleges/University (from seventeen years old onwards)

We have Fun Foong and Fun Yen studying in University Tuanku Abdul Rahman and INTI University College respectively.

Tze Khye (Bryan) studying in Upper Form 6 now.

Shao Jye (Keith), Fen Min and Fen Tein are now waiting for their Secondary Form 5 results which are expected to be out in March 2010.  After the results, they would either enter the working world or continue with their pre-university educations.

Secondary School (From thirteen to seventeen years old)

Tze Shien will be taking his Secondary Form 5 examination this year.

Fen Tyen is in Secondary Form 4.

Fan Pin and Fen Yuin are in Secondary Form 1.

Primary School (From seven to twelve years old)

Tze Chern (Max) and Fen Yeong are in Primary Standard 6.


(to put customs and prayer observances)

(To put children drawings/writings/videos)

(to each his own to find inner peace)


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