Trip to Malacca

Taking advantage of the December 2009 school holidays, we made a trip to Malacca, the historical city of Malaysia.

We stayed in Mahkota Century Hotel which is located in the most busy area of Malacca city. The hotel was great.  The famous A Formosa Forth, Mahkota Shopping Complex (Malacca Biggest Shopping Centre), food stalls were all within walking distance.

Driving around the city was really crazy. Jam! Jam! Jam! every where.  At times, you feel that walking is much faster than driving. The rain comes and go during our stay there. But it was not a problem as we just walked to the shopping with umbrellas.

When we began shopping everything including the rain were all forgotten.

Food wise, we ate at the famous Nyonya Baba Restaurant in Malacca.  The Nyonya Baba foods were full of rich coconut, chilies and other traditional ingredients.

The Ice Kacang and Chendul were good and fantastic.

During the night we went for Avatar 3D movie.  Most of us were first time watching 3D movies.  Avatar was really good and it was one of the best movie that we had watched so far.



tye min

tein tyen 3

tein tyen 2


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