Trip to Kuantan

Our family made a trip to Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia on September 2009 during the Hari Raya Holidays.  Hari Raya is equivalent to our Chinese New Year for the Malays. So in the morning, there were not many food stalls opened.  We made a trip to Kemaman in the state of Terengganu for a sumptuous breakfast.

Kuantan is a Malay majority town.  It is famous for the beautiful beaches.  The activities there are swimming, turtle watching and sight seeing. 

Here are some pictures and video to share with you.

Elaine's photos 1397

Swimwear parade during Beauty Contest Competition.

Elaine's photos 1411

This part was cut off from the original Titanic Movie so you won’t see it in the movie.

Elaine's photos 1443

We were lucky to be entertained with this Russian Kick Dancing Show.

But advise to you is, you better don’t opt for it if you are in Kuantan one day.

Kuantan 152

I can get the Sun for you.

Elaine's photos 1275

It would be a perfect picture if not for the tummy that spoilt it.

Elaine's photos 1266

This is one picture that we cannot make fun of. Got to respect elders. He! He!


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