Trip to Genting Highland

On February 2010, one week before Chinese New year, we made a trip to Genting Highland.  Genting Highland is one of the top hill resorts in Malaysia.

Surprisingly the journey up the hill was not jam, maybe because most of the people planned to go up during Chinese New Year which is just a week away.

We managed to reach the hill top within 1.5 hours from Kajang.  We took our lunch in Gohtong Jaya, a place half way up the hill.  We had some local delicacies. The prices were slightly higher than Kuala Lumpur.

When we reached the hilltop, the weather was winding and drizzling.  The temperature was bout 20 degree Celsius. We had prepared ourselves well bring along some cardigans and sweaters.

We have not been to Genting Highland for more than a year and things are much expensive now compared to previously.  There were many temporary stalls setup selling Chinese New Year goodies. 

We were lucky that day as in the night, one of the local TV network was filming their Chinese New Year Variety Show. We were given free tickets to watch the show as the TV network need us as their audiences.

Here some pictures and video to share with you.

Genting 012

Genting 073

Genting 074

Genting 090


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