Parents are the people that brought us into this world. They will sacrifice their time & money for us. We must always appreciate them. Some people have no parents or their parents are too busy at work and have no time to think about them.

Money is the number one problem faced by parents today. With the constant need to pay for their children’s school fees, tuition fees, and provides food to the family; many parents are not able to spent time with their children.


We are lucky to have parents that are still spending time together with us.

Parents that divorce might not be meant for each other. But fate has brought our parents together and we must cherish every moment spent with them.

Our mothers have undergone excruciating pain during our birth and let’s not forget our fathers who were worried sick of the safety of their wives and their new born child. They sacrifice their hard earned money to pay the hospital bills besides other daily needs like diapers, milk, bottles, clothes, baby food etc.  They also celebrate our  full moon.   My parents had five tables during my full moon party.

I know my parents are proud of us. They make sure that we have a balance lifestyle. Last year, we took a vacation to Ho Chi Minh City by AirAsia. Mom always believes that we should travel to widen our knowledge and to see the world.

Indeed, we are very lucky that Mom always source for good bargains to bring us along. I will appreciate them for the rest of their lives for what they have done for us. We must cherish them now and not regret about it when they are gone.


By: Max Choo Tze Chern


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