Kin Kang’s family


Fen Min, Fen Tein, Kin Kang, Siew Yin, Fen Tyen, Fan Ping

Hiang Hwa, Lee Nyong

DSC00345Our parents take a break to post for pic at the food stall.  Their most popular noodle dish is home made pan mee.  Besides, they also sell various types of noodles and porridge.   We are grateful to our parents for working so hard to give us a better life.






哈咯,大家好,我叫芬敏。去年刚毕业,现在在Hong Leong Assurance公司做临时书记。我的兴趣是想学做面包。




DSC00895I’m Fen Tein,  second in the family. I’d graduate from high school last year and I got 10As (7A+,1A,2A-) and a B+ for English for Science and Technology(EST) subject in my SPM results.   I hope to do Form 6 as Pre-U course because I didn’t get a place at the local matriculations.  I will have to experience another two years of high school life and I’m eager to go for it because I will be joining Kajang High school.    It is my wish to major in science especially bio-related fields, I hope to become a researcher in health science as I think health is very important to all.

Currently, I am very active with Soya Club, a social club under ICM (International Christian Missionary) Malaysia with Fen Min since year 2008.   It’s a place for us to learn musical instruments, dancing, sports, camping, etc.

    ‘Now I See’ International High School Revival Tour Concert at KL

Chinese New Year home visiting~~




去年我在学校参加PRS(Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya)也就是辅导员。终于,我在今年换制服啦。^^换了制服,责任就更大了。因为还有更多的人需要得到帮助。下个月开始,老师就要我们做心理测验,先要了解自己,才了解别人。希望我能做得更好。领导自己,领导别人。>.<




我是曾繁彬,今年十四岁。我最喜欢看的电影是大日子,因为很好笑。我现在在kajang high school读初中一。


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