Grandma 100th Birthday Celebration

By Oh Lee Nyong


Grandma celebrated her 100th birthday in one of the popular Chinese restaurant in Sri Kembangan.

During the night, there were performances by invited guests and some of our grand children.

The food were great the we managed to get Magnum, one of leading local Lotto Game Company.  Magnum gave a free 4-digit number ticket for the night.  The lucky number drawn out was 5092 and the value date was on the coming weekend draw.  The number did not come out. But it did came out two weeks later. Some relatives managed to strike 5092 and got some unexpected windfall.

Genting 059

Chiu Ling, Oh Lee Nyong and Grandma

Genting 017

Shaun, Keith, Fen Min and Fen Tein

Genting 025

Hui Ling, Lee, Chooi Lin, Eoi Lin and Siew Yen

Genting 031

Eoi Lin and Thomas

Genting 035

Fen Yuin and Fen Yeong Organ Performance



Hiang Hwa, Grandma, Pee Yong

Dance performed by Shaun Choo, Keith Wong, Fen Min and Fen Tein

Fun Foong and Fun Yen performed break dancing


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