Eoi Lin Says


2009 is a quiet and peaceful year to my family.  Praise to God that everything were okay.

As usual, I continued my career with Hong Leong Assurance. Although in the office there were politics and some hiccups, praise to God that nothing bad happened.  I enjoy my working life with Hong Leong Assurance.

There were many rumors of other companies taking over Hong Leong Assurance and up to today, there is still nothing official taken place.

Thomas worked for a private company in Malaysia.  He has ventured into blogging and hope to earn some part time passive income.  He said blogging is now big business and he has a passion for that line. Blogging is a long journey and may take a few years to realize the full potential.  People who are looking for overnight success should not get into blogging business.

I give him full blessing for his blogging ambition.

Keith just completed his Secondary Form 5 Examination in December 2009.  The result is expected to be released anytime in March 2010. I hope he will get good result for his examination and proceed to further his foundation study in University.


While waiting for his examination result, Keith has taken up a temporary clerk position in Hong Leong Assurance since mid January 2010.  Fen Tein and Fen Min who are also waiting for their Form 5 results also joined him working as temporary clerks in Hong Leong. Fen Tein joined him 2 days later and Fen Min just joined on March 1st, 2010.


Keith’s best subject is Mathematics.  Initially we wanted him to take up Actuarial Science Course.  But a good Actuarial Science course is available on a 2+2 program here.  That mean Keith got to spend the last 2 years overseas in U.K. which is a bit too expensive for us. The full local Actuarial Science Course is still very new here and may not be recognizable worldwide.

Alternatively, we plan to enroll him into Nottingham University Malaysia Campus which is much cheaper.  Only regret is Nottingham does not offers Actuarial Science Course, so Keith may just take up Foundation Course with aim to move into other courses associated with mathematic  such as Computer Science, Finance, or Accounting.

We give our full blessing to Keith to succeed in all his future undertakings.


Eoi Lin, Thomas and Keith





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