Easy Way to Post Articles to Your Blog

I think everyone is having a lot of fun creating blog posts for The Source Family Magazine. You could be spending long hours and stayed up late nights to write interesting articles, news and put up your best photos or videos on the blog. Once your blog posts are completed, you find great satisfaction to see your accomplishments and proud to share them with other members of the family.

Creating blog posts are easy to do if you know the tricks. If you find it cumbersome to write or upload photos or videos to your blog posts, you may not be doing the right thing.

I would like to recommend that you try using free Window Live Writers (WLW) to help you. So far I create all my blog posts using WLW. You could easily upload pictures or cut and paste pictures with this wonderful software. You can easily adjust your font size, colour and organizing your blog posts.

You could download free WLW at this site http://explore.live.com/windows-live-writer?os=other . For Apple Mac users, you can Google on how install WLW for MAC.

After you have installed WLW, here some videos to share with you:

1. How to setup your blog in WLW.

2.  How to create blog post using WLW.

For your information, this post is created using WLW.

Make your blog posting an interesting and enjoyable one.


Thomas Wong


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