Chen Hiang Hwa’s 80th Birthday Celebration

image We celebrated Chen Hiang Hwa’s 80th birthday on August 28, 2010 with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kajang.

It is a small scale celebration and only close relatives were invited. We had an eight course Chinese dinner on that night. To cheer up the atmosphere, we had a small lucky draw, a video slide show and karaoke session. The dinner lasted from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

Below are some pictures taken during the night and the video slide to share with all.

40777_1601486962200_1386849233_2652092_2293002_n 40777_1601487002201_1386849233_2652093_6913994_n 40777_1601487042202_1386849233_2652094_1741312_n 40777_1601487082203_1386849233_2652095_6317496_n 41273_1601472321834_1386849233_2652065_6730092_n 41273_1601472361835_1386849233_2652066_4457861_n 41273_1601472401836_1386849233_2652067_819372_n 41273_1601472481838_1386849233_2652069_3183054_n 44666_1601494042377_1386849233_2652121_8067483_n 44666_1601494082378_1386849233_2652122_6673806_n 44666_1601494122379_1386849233_2652123_6843207_n 44666_1601494202381_1386849233_2652125_3801491_n 46517_1601496562440_1386849233_2652145_2248701_n 46944_1601501282558_1386849233_2652171_4455545_n 47186_1601481122054_1386849233_2652082_4718339_n 47186_1601481162055_1386849233_2652083_6533195_n 47214_1601478241982_1386849233_2652075_1699721_n 47214_1601478281983_1386849233_2652076_2081118_n 47214_1601478321984_1386849233_2652077_6143601_n 47214_1601478361985_1386849233_2652078_899361_n 47747_149921078368583_100000520754183_345154_1058193_n

Below is video slide show done by Thomas for the occasion.  The video gives picture slides of young Chen Hiang Hwa and Oh Lee Nyong to 2008 in a comical theme. The video hopes to brings back good memories and enhance family ties and unity. 

Hope all will enjoy the video.


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